Our guidelines

1. Safety and reliability first

We are highly aware of our responsibility for safe and reliable interim storage – and we act accordingly. Safety in all areas, quality and reliability are our top priorities.
To this end, we continuously improve the relevant safety and quality aspects in the planning and execution of our processes and services. We systematically record and evaluate relevant events in order to initiate appropriate improvement measures. We also pass on the experience we have gained – and we learn from possible mistakes.

2. We convince through competence,
reliability and performance.

We pursue safe and reliable solutions to protect people and the environment. This clear mission is the basis for all our actions. We constantly optimise our processes and act holistically. In making our decisions, we pay attention to safety-relevant and economic aspects. We transfer knowledge throughout the company and beyond.

3. Protecting people and the environment is our top priority.

To achieve this goal, we deploy an environmental management system and operate below defined limits. Systematic monitoring enables us to assess our compliance with our protection goals.
We record hazards at the workplace as part of our occupational safety management system and take timely measures to avoid health risks and accidents and to promote protection at the workplace with foresight.

4. We attach great importance to fair and respectful interaction with one another.

We bear joint responsibility for decisions that have been made. This is ensured through open communication and systematic feedback. To this end, we have an open and constructive approach to any feedback we receive.

5. We promote the professional and personal development of our employees.

Committed employees are our most important success factors.
We encourage our employees to contribute their performance potential to our mutual success, we strengthen the entrepreneurial actions of each individual and give them the necessary freedom to develop.

6. We cultivate trusting cooperation and communication with residents, stakeholders and other relevant groups.

We seek and maintain constant and constructive communication with our stakeholders. We communicate our topics proactively and transparently. Dialogue with the public is our obligatory goal. To achieve this, we are always open to honest and open communication with the population, the media and other social groups. This enrichment through dialogue is infused into our work.

Our Code of Conduct

BGZ is aware of its role in society and its responsibility towards its employees and all other interested parties. Our company is therefore committed to clear principles for its corporate and social actions.

The actions of BGZ, its managers and all employees are characterised by personal responsibility, honesty, loyalty and mutual respect.

BGZ strives to continuously improve the fulfilment of safety, quality and performance requirements. To this end, we rely on:

  • the competence, motivation and commitment of our employees,
  • reliable social and political framework conditions that support the fulfilment of essential requirements of interested parties,
  • the possibilities of scientific-technological progress.

Our Code of Conduct fulfils two essential tasks in this respect: On the one hand, it should encourage each individual employee to take responsibility for his or her own actions and provide him or her with orientation, and on the other, it defines the goals and principles for BGZ’s entrepreneurial activities, which will be further defined in the guidelines. Ultimately, the Code of Conduct is intended to ensure a common, overarching identity in all the companies of BGZ Group.

BGZ Code of Conduct can be found here (German version only).

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